The first model of the china WM Engine is the SUV Weltmeister EX5

As we have said many times, the degree of atomization of firms that exists in the sector of the chinese automotive is bestial. Today there are more than one hundred brands of native, foreign, and attacking the most important market in the world, and even so, don’t stop arise new proposals every little bit time. In this case, we must tell you that has been born a new star (we do not know whether fleeting or perpetual) that takes the name WM Motor Technology Co.

This firm, which is still a start-up was created by Freeman Shen a couple of years ago. This entrepreneur, which to many is a complete unknown, was responsible for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. Ltd could buy it to Ford Engine Company Volvo. For this reason, we are not surprised to anything in such a short time have been able to grow to be available in the market that will be its first model.

As could not be otherwise, WM Motor has presented a whole way of power outage, and very elegant design. The commercial name is Weltmeister EX5 and after her, hides one of the biggest statements of intent of how many have occurred in recent years in the automotive sector. If we translate the German Weltmeister, we have that literally means “Champion of the World” so that the intentions of the brand with this model are very straightforward.

The only official data that have been offered WM Motor on the Weltmeister EX5 have to do with its positioning in the market, the mechanics that feeds it, and its official price. In the first case, we are talking of a new member to the segment all the way compact. In the second case, we know that you will be moved by a electric motor that lets you travel up to 600 miles with a single recharge of its lithium ion batteries (account besides with a system of recharge is faster).

On an aesthetic level, the Weltmeister EX5 account with a few strokes for anything complex, which together provide a certain air of premium. Depending on the angle from which you look at it, it has “reasonable similarities” with several european models, such as your rear style Porsche Macán, although unlike other asian products, for nothing is cheeky. Where it excels is in its interior, as it is presided over by a large screen swivel (in the style of Tesla) from which controls the infotainment system.

official price for the chinese market (once we have translated to our currency) is 26 thousand euros. Therefore, this data, in addition to an aesthetic pintona will be your main deterrent for customers to make a unit. According to WM Engine, the sales under the Weltmeister EX5 are 100 thousand units per year once production is at full capacity. In any case, this figure will be reached gradually and as they reach new models to its catalog.

The time that has been marked WM Motor to do this is four years, including the possibility of assaulting the united States if the sales in China allow. What will be true?

Source – WM Motor Technology Co

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