The first Opel Crossland X has already come out of the factory of Zaragoza

Primer Opel Crossland X sale de la fábrica de Zaragoza

a few hours Ago, os we reported that the new generation of the Opel Corsa would come to the market in 2019 using platform and technology of the French manufacturer PSA. In addition, I mentioned that this Opel Corsa F would maintain its production in the plant Spanish Figueruelas, Zaragoza. Great news that, despite the purchase of Opel to General Motors, the model of the B-segment continue to occur in Spain.

Recently, in this same production plant located in Figueruelas, has left the production line the first Opel Crossland X; the new crossover from the German firm. Since we first met at the new Crossland X a few weeks ago during his presentation, static, held in Madrid. Although we have not yet been able to “throw the gauntlet”, it will not take in to test it thoroughly.

Presentación Opel Crossland X

first Opel Crossland X that has come out of the production line of the plant Zaragoza is a unit of white color with black roof associated with the three-cylinder engine 1.2, develop 130 HP thanks, among other things, the use of supercharging by the turbo. This first unit has been conducted by Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, president and ceo of Opel, by the vicinity of the factory. Neumann stated that “today is a great day for Opel and its plant in spain. The Crossland X is an important part of our offensive product. Without a doubt, will support our strategy of growth

This Opel Crossland X has been developed together with PSA before the manufacturer will agree to the purchase of Opel. The German brand’s thunder and lightning, and the French manufacturer have relationships partnerships since 2012, with an initial investment of nothing less than 250 million euros. In fact, the new model uses the same platform as cars such as, for example, the Peugeot 2008. The new Opel Grandland X that the German firm showed it was only a few weeks is also the fruit of the cooperation between Opel and PSA.