The first pick-up of Hyundai will not be a reality until the year 2020

Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck Concept

The conceptual model Santa Cruz Truck we anticipate this future pick-up in south korea.

Much has been commenting on the possibility that Hyundai to launch to the market its first pick-up. It is more, since it was submitted early last year, during the Detroit motor show 2015, the Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck Concept, since all we gave by fact that was a matter of time that the project received the green light by the dome and that, in a matter of a few years, we saw this model at dealers.

well, we can say that this is so. A senior official of Hyundai has confirmed that the project already has the green light but that, unfortunately, will not be materialized until within a few years. Is more, is set as minimum date for the introduction of the first pick-up of Hyundai the year 2020. We will, until the end of this decade we will not have details on the production version of this model which, as we say, was in advance of the past with this prototype.

In particular, it has been Scott Grant, Operations Director of Hyundai Australia (HMCA), who in an interview to a specialized medium, has confirmed some details about this project that many are hoping for. Is more, Grant points out that since the dome of the company was changed of idea on the position of Hyundai in front of the segment of light commercial vehicles.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck Concept

The first pick-up of Hyundai does not see the light until at least the year 2020.

on the other hand, the high charge of Hyundai has stated that the project of the pick-up of Hyundai was not at any time waste, rather postponed. Let’s, the brand has decided to change his mind.

“we Can say that much progress has been made in this aspect. Although, it will not do anything until the year 2020. We already have planned releases that will take place in the next few years and, for the moment, a vehicle of these characteristics does not fit in our plans. I can’t confirm when it will be a reality, but sooner or later will come to the market.”

In any case, it is very interesting to see how the south Korean manufacturer has changed her mind and finally dare (more late than early) to enter fully into a niche market in which to be able to compete with the Toyota Hilux or the Ford Ranger, among many other models.