The first reviews for the Honda NSX are not as positive as expected, what has happened?

Honda NSX will come soon to the dealers, and in the U.S. deliveries of its counterpart in version Acura are almost imminent. The most powerful car ever produced by Honda and the successor of that Ferrari japanese 90 has already passed through the hands of several testers. The guys from Motor Trend have been able to squeeze it in depth, at the circuit of Sonoma Raceway in the united States and have come to a number of conclusions somewhat bittersweet, and not too positive for one of the hybrids most technological of the time.

The tester criticises mainly the excessive presence of electronics in the behavior of the car.

As you well know, the 581 CV, Honda NSX thanks to a a 3.5 V6 with twin turbo and 500 HP of power, accompanied by three electric motors: one between the V6 and the gearbox double clutch and 9 relations, the other two in each of the front wheels. The presence of electric motors completely abolishes the delay in the entry of the turbochargers and converts its response is completely linear. The tester has no complaints about the performance of the hybrid train, but it doesn’t end of being convinced.


electric motors front are able to send power intelligently to each of the front wheels, eliminating the understeer, but with the side effect have a direction with very little feeback. The brake pedal has a touch artificial as the tester of Motor Trend, and he also has criticisms of the court’s more subjective to the design, yes praises the good visibility from the inside. Honda wanted to produce a super sports car, usable every day with the NSX.

And the tester says that is his “Achilles ‘ Heel”. A car is so governed by the electron that loses all the soul that was its predecessor. Is a computer with wheels, rational and highly effective, but little of the emotions of their drivers. A car that tries to compete with Audi R8, Ferrari 488 GTB and Lamborghini Hurricane with a philosophy too technological. In the words of the tester, an approximation inadequate that it remains in no-man’s land before your competition. Maybe I should be more simple, more pure.

Good, we will have to try it by ourselves to deliver our own verdict, because the NSX I still in love with.

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