The first scene of “The Grand Tour” will cost almost 3 million euros

The Grand Tourit’s Been many months since Jeremy Clarkson “became involved” to hit a production assistant. This earned him a dismissal the legendary program TopGear and the british television network BBC. As you will recall, James May and Richard Hammond announced that if Jeremy did not follow, them either. Months later, the famous trio television announced that it would form a team on new program released in Amazon Prime, announcing later the name of the program: The Grand Tour.

new program the trio skull will start in a little over a month, specifically the November 18. Will only be issued on Fridays for three seasons and with twelve chapters for each of them. Despite the fact that several legal conditions may not perform the same activities that they did during their last years in TopGear, the three british you will not be bored and will enjoy their work. It was already announced some time ago that the programs were not going to roll in a fixed place, but each chapter would roll in a different place.

The Grand TourAs we know, the filming of the first scene The Grand Tour, which was conducted in the California desert, used nothing less than 150 vehicles (as you can imagine none that is affordable for most of us), acrobats, six jets, and was attended by more than 2,000 famous people who are passionate about the world of motor. Meanwhile, the famous trio rode in three Ford Mustang one colored red, another white and the other blue, representing the colors of the united States of America.

The publication The Sun ensures that the filming of this first scene had a cost of approximately $ 3.2 million, or what is the same, more than 2.8 billion euros. Using more or less the same budget in the rest of the episodes, the shooting cost each season close to 35 million euros.

Source – The Sun