The first Shelby Cobra breaks all records and is already the american model, most expensive in history


Belonging to all these years to Carroll Shelby.

The first copy made of the Shelby Cobra was auctioned off on the Saturday of the great week of the engine in Monterey, California, beating both records own the previous model as the all-time record for the sale of a car of an american firm. If the Cobra really is a british model, as we already saw in the history of this particular copy, it is popularly assumed that this model is of u.s. origin, especially in the native country of Carroll Shelby.

Finally, the Shelby Cobra chassis number CSX 2000 that had been offered without announcing its price, or estimates, received a bid of 13.75 million dollars, more than 2.75 million to the previous model, which held that record, a Ford GT40 1968 decorated with the famous livery Gulf, which was sold in 2012 for $ 11 million.

As you now have in your day, this is a wonderful example of the Cobra, the first thing that came to american shores in the early sixties, belonged to the own Carroll Shelby, who remained in possession until the time of his death. Now being put up for sale by the institution that is in charge of the legacy of the former pilot and manufacturer.


This was the test vehicle for the american press.

This specimen, without doubt, was responsible for initiating the legend of the Cobra. Also used as a press vehicle, the CSX 2000 was tested by major north american publications of the engine, which caused one of the best anecdotes of the model. Because after each test, Carroll Shelby gave the order to repaint the model entirely in a new color, creating the illusion that they were different specimens the that appeared in each magazine, when the reality was that in all the territory of the united States only had a drive of the Cobra at that time.

This set of the first mechanical version of the several that I enjoy the model during his whole life, a V8 260 of 4.26 liter Ford which, with its 260 horsepower and abundant torque improved substantially on the previous 6-cylinder engine, from Bristol, who sits on the british sports. Interestingly, this was not the engine initially planned, because even if the Cobra CSX 2000 came to the united States with the block recommended by Ford in the beginning, a block Ford V8 221 of 3.62 litres, during the manufacture of this first model in the Uk, Ford sent three new blocks to Carroll Shelby of the then newly-developed V8 260. So who installed the new block as soon as the model came to north America.

With this new mechanics, the lightweight Cobra began to forge his legend, achieving a performance of heart attack at the time. Achieving reach 100 km/h from zero in just over 4 seconds and doing the quarter mile in 13.8 seconds with a final speed of 246 km/h.


New record for a sporty american.

More than fifty years later, Cobra CSX 2000 has rewritten the history books, after having been the home of the successes in international competitions of the north american models in the sixties.