The first SUV electric SsangYong will see the light 2019

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The first electric SsangYong will hit the market at the end of this decade.

So it is, in just a few we added SsangYong to the list of brands that has in its possession a model of mechanical 100% electrical. Thanks to a leak that has taken place, we can now skip the first details of which will be the first SsangYong electric that will see the light, as we say in the title of the article, at some point in the 2019. Therefore, it will be in the market for the end of this decade.

Known as the internal name of C300, this is a new SUV that’s within the range of SsangYong will be located half-way between the SsangYong Tivoli, or the new Tivoli XLV. However, it should be noted that this is not a product exclusively electric, as this new SUV will be offered initially with a mechanical and conventional, but the same will derive a variant of mechanical, purely electrical.

Although it is too soon to venture to specific aspects such as the designs that feature this model, the fact that Mahindra already has the total control over Pininfarina, is expected to be the first of a series of releases by the manufacturer in South Korea an image and a line touching to the couple that emotional. Away well from the line design followed to date.

¿What autonomy could have the SsangYong electric? The truth is that for the moment there are no details about it though we need to consider the options that will hit the market in the coming years as this new model of south Korean manufacturer. Some of them will depart from the 400 km of autonomy, so we hope this tip of the spear in the landing of SsangYong in the segment electric to have a considerable amount to be able to capture the attention of your target audience.

on the other hand, and in another order of things, since we are talking about future releases of SsangYong, these reports indicate that the new generation of the Rexton will see the light in the year 2018 whereas the SsangYong Actyon Sports (pick-uptambién will have their particular new generation glittery platform.

And in the last place, we can’t let pass the opportunity to point out that is still being debated a possible change of name of SsangYong for the us market because commercially’t fully catch the name of the brand. A change that would take place also by the end of this decade.