The first SUV of Skoda already has official name: Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq - teaser

The name Kodiaq refers to a bear that inhabits a remote island of Alaska.

we Already have a name for the new SUV of Skoda. Up to the lejas lands of Alaska has left the firm Czech to find the name of this new model of seven-seater that will debut sometime in the second half of this year to reach dealers at the beginning of next 2017. Skoda Kodiaq, so it will be called the new SUV of the brand.

Kodiaq refers to a species of bear called the Kodiak that we can find in a remote island of the same name which is located off the southern coast of Alaska. A place for any of us it would be inhospitable due to its rough landscape, but fascinating, and in which there are listed a population of approximately 3,500 bears. Toughness and strength are two of the main features that Skoda wants to convey to the public with the new Kodiaq.

Although the teaser does not show much (in addition to the contour of your headlights), Skoda points out that their distinctive lines and muscular will offer dynamism, robustness and protective force. Are some details that makes it clear to us the real personality of this model. And it is that we will be at the greatest SUV of the signature check with a length of 4.70 metres and whose interior offer enough space for seven passengers.

Skoda Kodiaq

The new SUV of Skoda, the Kodiaq, will have capabilities of a 4×4.

The brand ensures that its packaging, and mechanics will allow you to address routes complicated in that the road paved to shine by their absence. For quality and equipment is expected to be one of the most completed models of Skoda, with the permission of the Superb. Obviously, the solutions and techniques “Simply Clever” will be present as well as different technologies and elements to which Skoda has become familiar in its latest releases.

As we have said at the beginning of the article, the new Skoda Kodiaq will be introduced during the second half of 2016, which leaves the door open for his possible debut at the Paris motor show, while its launch will take place early next year 2017. By the way, let us remember that the new Skoda Kodiaq will share the assembly line with the SEAT Ateca. Your starting price would be around 24,000 euros.