The first Tesla Model 3 has already come out of the factory. Now we have to wait

After the Model S and Model X, we’re all looking forward to the arrival on the market of the new Tesla Model 3. Much has been made of this model although, to tell the truth, it has spoken and is still speaking a lot of all the products, systems, innovations and technologies of the manufacturer. The case is that this is even more special, because it will be the car of great volume of sales of the signature.

As we told you last week some information about this new vehicle of average size, but now Elon Musk has become to be pronounced in their social networks. Virtually every time that Musk, owner and head of Tesla, updated its social media brings us information and interesting news about the company. A few hours ago Musk showed via Twitter that, according to him, was the the first production unit of the Tesla Model 3.

As we already knew, the first units will be delivered next 28th of July, but it will be a few months until Tesla produces a relatively high rate of units of the Tesla Model 3. The saloon-electric accumulated a good number of orders, to around 400,000 units reserved. The intentions already known of the brand are to deliver 30 units of the above-mentioned 28th of July, 100 in the month of August and 1,500 in September. To the end of the year expected production of around 20,000 units monthly.

As we see, the demand is much higher than the production, at least the initial. We believe that Tesla, on the one hand, you want to be kept back in case of possible initial defects on their first units, and, on the other, made to beg to continue to be a manufacturer’s “special”. However, that play may not sit all that well to the prospective buyers which, remember, are not as exclusive as the clients of the Model X and Model S.

The Tesla Model 3 is their model of large volume, the car of “access”. We do not believe that any client will make much grace to see how the months go by and your car still does not come. Tesla must know how to play your cards well, since delays in deliveries unhappy enough.

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