The Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina will be built in a limited series


The new teaser of the EF7.

we are Witnessing the arrival of a new teaser of the project Fittipaldi Motors, with the publication of a new image of the rear of Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina, the model that the brand new presented in conjunction with Pininfarina at the Geneva motor show, which will take place next week.

Was last February when we visited the project of the former Champion of the Formula 1 and two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500-mile race, a moment in which is revealed the first teasers, and the first data of the project. This has been done in cooperation with the Pininfarina and the company of German engineering HWA. The destination of this vehicle, as it betrays the name, will be the famous video game from PolyPhony, although in addition to being available in a virtual way, the brand has already confirmed that it will be a real model, and it will be marketed in a short series.

As confirmed by the newly born firm recently, the EF7 will be the first of a series of models. These will be developed by Pininfarina and HWA.


Teaser of the front.

so that we can extract from the images of the EF7, this will be a sporting central motor with an aggressive and eye-catching design. The last teaser also reveals the imposing rear wing of carbon fiber that we already sense in the first photos revealed of the model.

The few data that are known to EF7 reveal that it will have an engine aspirated V8 capable of delivering 600 horsepower, and that its weight is around 1,000 pounds. This indicates to us that the model must be made completely of lightweight materials. By the time we do not know if it will be based on a model or existing project.

on The 7th of march starts officially the Geneva motor show, a
event in which the coachbuilder from turin will be very busy, since in addition
the first model of Fittipaldi, Pininfarina will also present the H600,
a conceptual model that anticipates the future luxury sedan that
it will make for the Hong Kong company, Hybrid Kinetic
. A project of
a 4-year-old whose development will provide 65 million euros.