The five-cylinder Audi meet four decades. We review its history

Audi 100 de cinco cilindrosforty years from the brand of the four rings present, for the first time, its five-cylinder engine. It was not the first five-cylinder engine used in the production of vehicles, in fact, Mercedes used it in mechanical diesel from a couple of years before. The five-cylinder Audi was of gasoline and made his debut in the Audi 100.

The great saloon was the first model of the company in using a propeller of five cylinders. Has little to do with the mechanics with the five cylinders today, and it shows both in power as in consumption of fuel. Developed 136 horses at full capacity and already used a injection system for the supply of fuel to the various cylinders.

Audi needed a step higher to its proponents of four cylinders of the era and, therefore, proposed the possibility of developing engines, five-or six-cylinder. Due to the large space that would occupy a six-cylinder engine in line and the poor distribution of the weights that would be, the engineers chose the five-cylinder, on the basis of a four-cylinder earlier used by the Group in the 70’s. The Audi 100 with five-cylinder engine would come to the market in 1977.

Primer motor de cinco cilindros de Audi

First five-cylinder engine Audi striped

just a year later, the German brand launched its the first mechanical diesel with the same number of cylinders and a cubicaje of 2 liters, that developed 70 horsepower. In the 79 Audi surprised “turbando” the above-mentioned five-cylinder petrol engine and making it debut in your new Audi 200, which was about 170 horses of power and I got a generous torque of 265 Nm.

later would come the all-wheel-drive and a performance improvement thanks to the use of intercooler in the Audi quattro, which reached a figure of power worthy of admiring in 1980, no less than 200 hp. Just three years later, and following its motto of “avant-garde art”, the automobile company did not want to stagnate and launched the Audi Sport quattro with a five-cylinder engine of new development and 20 valves that touched the 306 horsepower.

the base of The Sport quattro would be used to compete in the mythical Group B of the World Rally championship, reaching the 450 horses. In 1987, the charismatic Walter Röhrl crowned the summit of Pikes Peak with a Audi Sport quattro S1 598 horses, leaving far behind all his rivals.

Audi 100 TDI

Audi 100 2.5 TDI

Came to the Frankfurt motor show of 1989 and Audi launched a revolution that to some extent today is still present in the vehicles from VAG. We talk about the Audi 100 TDI. It was the first series production car equipped with a diesel engine five-cylinder turbo and direct injection with electronic control, which got 120 horses from its 2.5 liters. In the year 94 came to the market Audi RS 2, a midsize family sport that has created many fans, thanks to its 315 horsepower; a concept never seen at that time.

Audi Avant RS 2

Audi Avant RS 2

After a long hiatus, the second generation of the Audi TT in its RS version again use a five-cylinder gasoline engine with its 2.5-liter emanated 340 horses. We would, with the same number of cylinders in the Audi RS 3 Sportback and the SUV sporty RS Q3. In our days, the Audi TT RS current (third generation) eroga nothing less than 400 horses.

The performance and the good work of the current 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder is reflected in their numerous awards, highlighting the award “Engine of Year” already chained seven consecutive victories since 2010 within its category.

Audi TT RS

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Audi TT

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