“The five elements of adventure” Nissan

You know what five elements of adventure ? I Nissan is very clear, as we explained in a documentary of the same name that will make us vibrate and awaken all our senses, you dare to see it? then read on.

The enclaves more hypnotic, magical, ancient and inaccessible Nepal become some of the most important phases of the new documentary “ The five elements of adventure ” firm Japanese cars makes available, so that we are witnessing the true power that exudes all adventurousness.

Simultaneously with the launch of its new X-Trail Nissan presents extreme and full of exciting experiences life alpinist Matt Walker with other risks second lovers, who have been unimaginable experiences different parts of Europe.

The documentary you can watch streaming and download vimeo so completely free same month ABRL. With a design based on new crossovers Premium technology, but without losing the inherited of an SUV, the new Nissan X-Trail proposes live a fantastic adventure, which we will experience when contemplating this new documentary.

What is for you five elements of adventure struggle Nissan

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