The five major developments of the Dakar 2017


spaniard Marc Coma, has promised that the Dakar 2017 will be the most hard
the that have been disputed in South america
and waiting to see if this claim
it is certain, the Sports Director of the Dakar has been exposed some of the changes
who has conducted the ASO to recover part of the missing DNA
the raid harder
of the world. Changes and tweaks that will make it more tough the competition, but also
more satisfying the arrival at the goal. Even there, the strategy of the riders will be a major asset. These are the five
major changes
that receives the next Dakar.

  • Greater navigation, : The GPS
    has been changed to make it more complicated as the location of the Way Point
    Control (WPC) and to promote the navigation and the work of the co-pilot. These points
    of control were detected by the GPS 800 metres and from that
    time arrows in the display indicate the path to the WPC. Now, the detection is
    limited to 300 meters
    and the riders will have to find the Way Point through
    of acoustic signals. In addition, the GPS will only need memory for one kilometer,
    avoiding so pilots can return to the previous control point if
    they lose the route or calculate mathematically the direction followed.
  • Adjustments in the engines: With the end
    to match the performance between the 4×4 and buggies, the ASO has scheduled
    some technical changes on the engines of each vehicle type for offset
    the incidence of altitude on the power of the turbo engines, and atmospheric
    The result is that the Peugeot 3008 DKR and the Toyota Hilux V8 and Mini JCW Rally
    now fitted a flange intake 38 mm. This means that the 3008 DKR loses
    1 mm in its flange, and around 20 BHP of power, while the Hilux V8 wins 1 mm
    in your intake and increases its power output at around 60 HP


  • New category: it is True that the Dakar hosts under your
    regulation vehicles are very different, especially in the categories of cars and
    trucks, with units close to the production models and some that are
    authentic prototypes. However, Marc Coma was necessary to create a
    exclusive category dedicated to the UTV
    , a type of car that they are half
    way between the quads and the buggies and that can not compete directly
    with none of the two. The goal is to give more projection to the pilots
    they have chosen to compete with a UTV.

  • Tour: The Dakar will start in Paraguay, a country visit
    for the first time. This is the 29th nation to pisa to Dakar, and the fifth in the
    south american continent. Bolivia for its part brings an extra hardness with their
    six stages to high altitude
    , in which the pilots live extreme conditions and
    will have to battle with altitude sickness. In addition, the drought that crosses the
    country is another setback that will force the organization of the Dakar
    ensure the self-supply of water[19459005 in order not to affect the complicated
    situation facing Bolivia in this aspect.

  • team Dynamics and strategy: With the objective of
    increase the emotional burden at the end of each stage, the final goal of each
    day will be in the bivouac
    , for the pilots and co-pilots can celebrate
    with the members of their teams successes. There is also
    proceed to the celebration of the podium more institutional. In addition, in the stage
    marathon will create a park of work without assistance in the
    the pilots may be getting to exchange pieces
    , without a doubt
    foster is also the strategic factor in the large-scale structures.