The five-star EuroNCAP will increasingly rely on the technology of active safety


The technology of active safety will be increasingly important for the Euro NCAP and the NHTSA

EuroNCAP and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, the equivalent to the european body in the united States) have foreseen that the active safety systems each day constitute a most important role in the classification of the security on modern vehicles.

it is not enough just to have excellent results of protection for its occupants in the event of an accident -passive safety – but that they will also be key to the technologies that help avoid them to the extent possible.

two years Ago, at the beginning of 2014, EuroNCAP premiered a new category of security in which included the effectiveness of the systems of brakes auto (EAB). It makes a thorough analysis to what speed the system of each model tested is capable of avoid a collision with the vehicle above, mitigate damages or simply not given the time to act.

With this new measurement some current models have gone without reaching the prized five-star safety that before if they would have gotten as is the case with the new Mazda MX-5. The main agencies of assessment of the security in automobiles will continue to press manufacturers to be testing other systems active safety.

Already it has been announced that EuroNCAP evaluated on your test systems for the recognition of pedestrians to avoid being crushed and more in front will continue analyzing other as which keeps us in the lane in which we -that is not the same that we alert you of an involuntary change-, the automatic call in case of an accident -eCall – compulsory in Europe from 2018, and other measures that will be standardised with the time.

When the vehicles have reached such a level of security assessments need to be tougher for the client to perceive with greater precision which models are safer than others. Otherwise if the systems are advancing and the test will not, in the end any vehicle would possess the maximum and that’s of little use to the end customer to compare.


The measurements of the passive safety will be more strict with dummies more real

in Addition, the hardening of the evidence is the way that these bodies of pressure the manufacturers to improve the effectiveness of the safety systems and further research in the development of new technologies, which serve in the end to save lives, in the struggle to be a the safer vehicle in its category.

In terms of passive safety the canons of measurements will be also more demanding dummies more and more advanced not only on their composition but also in its form. The new generation of these dolls full scale test simulating the human body contemplate the various occupants of vehicles depending on your size, weight, and height. This is to adjust with greater precision the impact on a real human being.