The flood of 'Child' is concerned about the Dakar


With the Dakar 2016 warming up the engine, and a large part of the participants traveling to South america, then the view is placed in the sky. Again. Argentina is suffering severe flooding for the cyclical phenomenon of ‘The Child’, which led to Peru to abandon the race and reserve the funds for the Dakar for any damage. The heavy rainfall that are collecting in Argentina, and also Bolivia- can alter the course and normal run of the test, every time that they approach more rain and above all, remarkable floods in the main rivers of the region. The forecasts are not very positive.

The Dakar starts on Sunday 3 January in Rosario. However, the capital of the province of Santa Fe is one of the who is on alert for flooding from rivers. It is estimated that in these days leading up to the test channel of the ParanĂ¡ river can exceed five meters in height, which would almost impracticable roads that have to use cars, trucks, bikes and quads, since a large part of the first stage between Rosario and Villa Carlos Paz taken by rivera and channel of this river. The clay can be a very decisive.


in Addition to the difficulties that you can find the drivers in the early stages, it appears that the rainfall that is associated with the phenomenon of ‘The Child’ may go through the region of The Coast of Argentina, sowing the seeds of further flooding and ‘accompanying’ in your journey to the career until the arrival of Bolivia. It will not be until the second week of the trial when the pilots of the Dakar will be a stable time, and what is more to be feared, very high temperatures can play a bad joke with more than one. it Is clear that the weather conditions are not going to accompany.

The phenomenon of ‘The Child’ is undoubtedly the main stumbling block that has been found in the Dakar year after year in South America. Chile gave up to be part of the race last year to allocate the funds of the organization of the test to the damage, as well as Peru did. Last year the cold and rain on the stages of mountains of Bolivia resulted in numerous casualties among the participants, and this year Argentina and the muddy ground can serve as a first screening of the Dakar, which also has many fast tracks. Bad combination.