The Ford EcoSport will be manufactured in Romania instead of India

Ford EcoSport 2015Currently the Ford factory in Craiova (Romania) is underutilized. The plant in romania manufactures the small mpv Ford B-Max, with sales low and that decrease progressively, as well as the engines 1.0 EcoBoost, which is used in many models of the signing of the oval. The Ford EcoSport will be produced from 2017 in Craiova to fill part of this excess of the production capacity of a model much more popular than the B-Max.

Currently, the Ford EcoSport that is sold in Europe is manufactured in Chennai (India). Ford will invest 200 million euros in Craiova to manufacture the EcoSport, which will be manufactured in Chennai for the local market, indian and other export markets. According to Ford, the increase sales the EcoSport has also led to the transfer of the production of the SUV B-segment to Europe.

ford-b-max-2With this move, Ford will be able to keep the job in Romania. The units for the Russian market will continue to be manufactured in Russia, as up to now. Ford will continue to seek out new opportunities to produce models in Craiova, and so use all the potential of the factory. It is rumored that the new Ford Ka could be the third model to the plant in romania. This plant belongs to Ford since in 2008 it purchased Daewoo.

The Ford EcoSport tripled in the last year, sales in Europe, until you reach the 39.846 units, while the mpv Ford B-Max continued his way down to sales, by 14%, to sell 46.315 units. Since the launch of the B-Max to the market, the plant in Craiova has had a number of production stops due to the low demand of the minivan.

The segment B-SUV, which plays the Ford EcoSport grew 44% in 2015 and Ford expects that by 2017, the segment of the SUV in general to grow by 35%. These forecasts are that have led to the launch of new SUV face-to-2020 on the part of Ford.

Source – Automotive News

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