The Ford F-350 XLT is captured in the nude

Ford trucks are a classic the other side of the puddle. The american manufacturer has had the audacity to walk to the new generation of the Ford F-350 cab single and dual rear wheels without any type of camouflage, which have taken advantage of our photographers to pourtray even his young bride without hesitation.


Their new design evokes clearly the of the Ford F-150 presented a couple of years ago with a grill very straight, which is merging with the front headlights. But, without doubt, the more we will remember the F-150 is the cabin since it is just the same. The F-150 and F-350 share the new cab Ford that provides higher level of comfort and interior comforts as if it was a SUV it were for the enjoyment of their passengers.

Although perhaps the quality that the more we have to highlight of this new generation is their new structure. This truck makes use of high-strength steels and aluminum in his body that allows him to be more agile and lightweight than before.


The settings of double wheels on the rear axle provides increased capacity for transporting heavy loads, but require to modify the design expanding generously the steps of rear wheel, although this is not a problem for professionals who require the capabilities of the truck to perform the job.

As you can imagine, the Ford F-350 is a vehicle that has no intention of getting to Europe for the time being. But you better be aware since recently we are experiencing a important peak of the vans type Pick-Up in our region so that we do not rule out that we see roll through here in a few years.

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