The Ford Fiesta 2017 continues to fine-tune your chassis

Ford introduced the current generation of the Fiesta, the sixth, back in the year 2007. Although at the end of 2013 we met an aesthetic renewal, it is time that the american brand launches a new generation. Of fact is that we have before us, the Ford Fiesta 2017 that is getting to the point.


once more the Feast 2017 has been discovered in a stage in their development

Sure that more than one will have thought: well, wow, yes it is the same design as the current one. You do not lack reason friend, but it is that we are in a mule chassis. What is important in this unit evidence is hidden underneath that body, which we modified in various points of the same.

As sure you all know, the Ford Fiesta has one of the best chassis in the segment. Finely adjusted and with a distinctly sporting character, the next generation of the city should follow the same path. This is why its implementation is taking so long. Let us remember that the beginning of the year we saw a mule of tests very similar.

beyond this test is completely unknown how it will be the new generation of the Party. Insurance find engines highly efficient-signed by the technology Ecoboost, as we will find more units sports signed by RS. In fact, the first test unit had the whole pint of being one of these.


The Party should be presented at the end of next year, or the beginning of 2017

In regards to design it’s hard to imagine how it will be. Obviously will have to change elements, but certainly his new style does not deviate much from the current. Especially if we take into account all of the other designs that Ford is introducing lately, as the Focus or the Mondeo. We will soon see the first mules with your body definitive.