The Ford Fiesta 2018 can be seen once more in their stage of development


The all-new Fiesta debut image, and that means new headlamps with LED technology

Ford has a job ahead extremely complicated: to undertake the renovation of one of its star projects. For this reason, and although we will soon see, the Ford Fiesta 2018 has already begun his stage of development and implementation. This time has been discovered the three-door version, going round by the south of Spain.

despite the fact that the european market each with demand of less versions of three doors, in fact many manufacturers have already taken the decision to leave the body, Ford is going ahead with it, at least for the case of the Party. A strategy that clearly will differ from its closest competitors.

If we talk about design, it is clear that americans want the Party to also receive the new brand image. A style that have already received other models of the house, such as the Ford Focus or the updated Ford Kuga. A style that comes very marked by the new headlights, front and rear, that will have LED technology.


The silhouette is typical of the Party is unmistakable, more so in his version of three doors

In terms of the rest of the design we see most of the typical form of the Ford Fiesta is preserved in this new generation. The truth is that the silhouette just may vary, but not so the interior, which, as we saw some time ago, yes, who will suffer the forced renovations that require the release of a new version.

Although the structure and the design of the interior will change, what will is the technology. No longer do you have to go to the segments with the highest high of the market to find elements of the latest generation. The Festival will continue this unwritten rule, and will have a team of connectivity enhanced, as well as various systems and attending to the driving.

In terms of the mechanical part, do not expect big changes. The offer will be very similar to the current one, hobbling the versions in the blocks of three cylinders. The maximum exponent of sportsmanship Ford will come once more marked by the version ST, although for the moment this has not been allowed to see.


The offer mechanics will be very similar to the present, with blocks of three-and four-cylinder