The Ford Fiesta HFHV Rally Ken Block for sale


After leaving your Subaru Impreza and pass to compete with Ford, Ken Block premiered a new frame. The Ford Fiesta HFHV was the protagonist of the popular ‘Gymkhana’, from the third to the sixth installment of the popular videos.

Subsequently, the north american pilot decanted by a spectacular Hoonicorn Mustang RTR, Ford Mustang 1965 profoundly modified that led, in the latest Gymkhana 7, giving a change of pace to this release filmed in the streets of Los Angeles.

it Seems that a Block has been given by the retro, and soon we shall see him behind the wheel of a Ford Escort Mk2. But in recent years, the activity of the pilot has not adhered solely to promotional events or to their acrobatics over the internet, with millions of visits in each one of their videos: Ken Block has also competed in certain tests of the WRC, as well as in the Rally America and Rallycross.


In such competitions Ken Block has run with this same Ford Fiesta, albeit with different specifications adapted to each championship rally. Well, if you always wanted to drive one of their cars, this may be the time: Ford Fiesta Ken Block for sale. It is a unit that participated in the Gymkhana and in a number of tests rally.

Based on the Ford Fiesta WRC was developed by M-Sport, the car was adapted in England to comply with the regulations of the Global Rallycross. It is currently with specifications rally, with a engine 2.0-liter turbo limited to 350 HP. If you go to a flange of greater size -45 mm – you’ll be able to uncover all of its potential: no less than 600 HP and 900 Nm of torque.

This Fiesta HFHV Rally Ken Block includes other modifications, including transmission enhanced Sadev Rallycross, with a sequential shift six-speed transmission and all-wheel-drive. Except for its engine, and this detail, for what other we are virtually faced with a Fiesta WRC from M-Sport. In addition to the money, the circuit or the dirt tracks are at your expense, as well as a lot of skill behind the wheel to domarlo…

This Party is ready to compete: to prepare the portfolio, because as expected its price is not within the reach of anyone. If the price of the Hoonicorn Mustang frightened up to Lewis Hamilton, this is something more affordable. The car is listed for sale at Motorsport Auctions, and ask for 250,000 pounds for him, a few 325.000 euros at the current exchange rate between currencies.