The Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2017 will be based on the new Fiesta


The race of the World Rally Car of new generation has
and time TMR, Citroën Racing and Volkswagen Motorsport are in
head to perform the first tests of its models by 2017. With Hyundai
Motorsport dating the premiere of the i20 WRC 2017 by the end of June,
M-Sport is the only one that has no exact date for the premiere of his World
Rally Car in 2017
. Something understandable we do have in mind that the preparer of
Cumbria is the only one that does not have a reliable manufacturer behind, even
being attached to their designs.

This particular condition and the budget that handles
M-Sport are more than enough reasons to understand the delay at the time of
to begin work with the Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2017
, even though the team already has
begun testing some parts and components in the World Rally Car today.
However, there is another reason for that the first test of the new Fiesta RS WRC
be delayed until the second half of the year and Malcolm Wilson has revealed in
some recent statements. The all-new Fiesta RS WRC will be based on a new
Ford Fiesta three-door


This Ford Fiesta five-door is a mule testing in the development of a new chassis.

According to Malcolm Wilson, the all-new Ford Fiesta RS WRC will come
very fair to the Monte carlo Rally, 2017
and the reason is that the car is
it will make on the bodywork of three doors of a new Ford Fiesta
production that will be presented in the second part of the year. A news story without
doubt falls by surprise since there had been too many rumors about it. In fact,
the unique Ford Fiesta that has been ‘sighted’ in recent times is a mule
tests of five-door that Ford used to assess a new chassis
, but
no changes noticeable cosmetic.

In any case, the words of Malcolm Wilson go to mass
and yes the british says, there will be a new Ford Fiesta three-door and the
all-new Fiesta RS WRC in 2017 will be based on this model
. A condition that level
sporting is also a bet dispar respect to Citroën
Racing, that has chosen to develop its new World Rally Car on a C3 five-door that will be presented also this year. In this aspect, only that
to know if Hyundai will opt for the i20 3 or 5 door at the time of
to develop its fourth World Rally Car.