The Ford Focus all-electric, will arrive next year

it Is clear that the future belongs to hybrid and electric vehicles. Although for the moment they represent a minimal part of the sales, with the passage of years, it will increase your presence. Ford has already planned a strategy until the end of the decade, and its first model will be the Ford Focus Electric, which will arrive next year.


The Ford Focus electric will come at the end of next year

As we say the strategy of electrification of Ford covers a period that runs from next year until 2020. At the end of the decade, the american brand expects to have that 40% of its fleet to have at least one version purely electric. Even though they themselves know that the bulk of your sales will continue to be of cars diesel and gasoline.

One of the problems of the electric cars is the recharge time of the batteries. As announced by Ford, their models be able to charge 80% of your battery in just 30 minutes, giving an autonomy of approximately 160 miles. Yes, that time is only guaranteed at the points of rapid recharging, in the style of supercargadores of Tesla.

in Addition to this system ultrrarápido, electric vehicles, starting with the Ford Focus, will have a dashboard fully digital. It will guide the driver about the most efficient way of driving and on the best way to take advantage of each and every one of the aspects of the electrical conduction. A kind of teacher.


In the next five years, Ford expects to invest 4.5 billion dollars in its strategy of electrification

By the time Ford has not wanted to provide data performance and autonomy. However they have announced that will be faithful to the philosophy of the brand, with a driving cheerful and dynamic. At the end of the year that comes we will check it, because at that time will be released for several markets, including the united States and Europe.