The Ford Focus electric, 2017 will arrive with a battery of 33.5 kWh

Ford Focus eléctricothere Will be a new Ford Focus electric in a little while and it seems that every time we get to know more details. At the end of last year the brand of the oval announced that it would be a system of rapid recharging. Thanks to him we could charge 80% of the battery of the Focus in just 30 minutes. Also announced a improvement of their autonomy, but today we will know one of its most important points: the battery.

The upgrade of the Ford Focus electric will be a lithium-ion battery to 33.5 kWh. This represents an increase of 46% compared to the previous battery of 23 kWh. Initially we were told that it would have an autonomy of about 161 kilometers (100 miles) but now the source tells us that it will be something higher. It is expected to go through 177 kilometers (110 miles), more or less, as the new Hyundai Ioniq, electric.

Ford Focus eléctricoit Seems that the Ford Focus electric will not be a lot of begging and we will see him this year. In the united States sales are expected to begin in December, so that this vehicle could be presented in the Salon Los Angeles, which is held in November. The rest of the markets might get something later so probably in Europe will not see it until early 2017.

in Addition to the new battery which we have spoken, and the system of rapid recharging, there will be more news. For the moment we know that the Ford Focus electric to debut the new body color White Gold and alloy wheels of 17 inches. This model will be the first of a series of electric that will arrive. By 2020, Ford wants to have 13 models of this type, assuming a 40% of its range.

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