The Ford Focus electric will arrive in 2016, with system of fast charging

Ford Focus eléctricoFord appears to be willing to put the batteries in the matter of electrical energy. Much has happened since the presentation of its first Ford Focus electric at CES in Las Vegas back in 2011. Even though this time is going more seriously, and intends to increase its range of electric vehicles here to 2020. Nothing less than 13 variants that would use this power, assuming 40% of the total range.

To fulfill this duty, the american manufacturer has made an investment of 4,500 million dollars (about 4,100 million euros). The first model of these features that will come, it will be the Ford Focus electric. Although this model had already been marketed, in 2016, will come fully refurbished and with a new system of rapid recharging.

Ford Focus eléctricoAs we see in the first chart, the Focus electric would be able to load the 80% battery in just 30 minutes thanks to the fast reload. This would be accomplished in the charging points of the brand, in house it would take quite a bit more. Another of the points that has been improved is the autonomy, which amounts to about 160 km. But not only will be improvements at the mechanistic level, but also renews itself at a technological level.

The dashboard will be totally digital and will include a multitude of customizable screens. The system will guide the driver to adjust his driving and controlling the consumption of energy. I will also teach you to dose the brake pedal the right way to take advantage of your regenerative braking. The Ford Focus electric will begin to occur at the end of next year and will be sold in Europe and the united States.

Source – Ford

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