The Ford Focus RS has the 375 HP with the help of Mountune

Ford Focus RS Mountune Ford Focus RS is one of the compact sport of the moment. Until now there have been few who have dared to modify this beast of all-wheel drive. One of them has been Mountune, that has managed to get more power of this model, as it already did with the Ford Focus ST. The big advantage is that this package has been supervised by the guys from Ford Performance and therefore shall maintain the official warranty.

And what have you gotten out of your engine EcoBoost 2.3-litre? Well, thanks to the improvements passes to have 375 HP and 510 Nm pair in the function overboost. This means an increase of 25 HP and 40 Nm compared to that of the series. Results in enhanced performances and that makes the Focus RS 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds (0.2 seconds less). Your maximum speed will remain at 266 km/h.

Ford Focus RS MountuneTo achieve this power increase, Mountune incorporates a new air filter, a recirculation valve of the improved air or a duct alloy with sleeve of silicone of high performance. Also missing one tuning software of the ECU in the Ford Focus RS. This package can be installed at a time 90 minutes in some dealers of the brand of the oval.

For this Ford Focus RS Mountune will have to be expecting very little. According to the manufacturer, will be available soon in the most of the european countries. The price to get the package shall be 899 pounds in the Uk. The change represents an outlay of little more than 1,000 euros, to have a compact 375-HP that promises many sensations.

Source – Mountune

Ford Focus RS Mountune
Ford Focus RS Mountune
Ford Focus RS Mountune
Ford Focus RS Mountune

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