The Ford Focus RS is coming to its end, here is one of their latest updates

Ford Focus RS Limited Edition para el mercado norteamericano

unfortunately, everything in life has a purpose. The current generation of the Ford Focus has spent several years with us and not taking a lot of will be replaced for a new generation, which will also make the purpose of marketing of the current Ford Focus RS. The version of most features, it had many detractors at the start, but little took to win the hearts of the fans of the brand.

When it was announced that she would have wheel drive, more than one showed their displeasure, though he was not, nor much less the first Ford sport with traction to the four wheels. The case is that, with their performance and its dynamism, the Focus RS ended by persuading and causing some critics had to swallow their own words.

engine 2.3 EcoBoost of the Ford Focus RS develops 350 HP and 470 Nm, which are sent to all four wheels, passing above by a manual gearbox of six speeds. This car can make the 0 to 100 km/h in 4,7 seconds. One of the particular compact all-american sports is his mode Drift, that distributes the necessary torque independently at each wheel to facilitate the yaw.

The case is that the new update introduces Ford of Europe on his Focus RS is a new mechanical limited slip differential for the front axle. With this limited-slip differential front will improve the already very effective step for curve of the compact. As in all limited-slip differential, in the event of losing traction at the exit of a curve, for example, allows you to get more torque to the wheel which at that instant itself has a great grip. improved control, stability and also acceleration of the vehicle.

For the north american market, Ford has released a version known as Limited Edition of only 1,500 units will be manufactured. On the other side of the pond also receives the limited-slip front that we cited in the previous paragraph and, in addition, adds the color Race Red that we see in the image header , and in this video for the Focus RS. Of time, this finish to the body is not available in Europe.

Ford Focus
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