The Ford GT expands its production of the two up to four years

Ford GTthe launch of The new Ford GT has brought a revolution within the brand of the oval. One of the bad news that came with this impressive sports was its exclusivity. In the beginning only would be 500 units in the first two years, 250 for each year. Faced with a unprecedented success, now Ford announced that will expand its production up to four years, two more than initially.

One of the more surprising were the steps necessary to acquire the Ford GT. The brand didn’t want its exclusive sports to fall back on speculation, as this model was created to enjoy on the road. In this way it became a test for all those interested in buying it. Over 6,500 applications were submitted in the month of term, and . among them have been handing out the first 500 units.

Ford GT 2016All that is left out in this process are now in luck, because will have another opportunity to have the Ford GT in your garage, as it will be on the waiting list. It is not yet known how many more units they plan to produce, but it is expected that the volume will be similar. This would make at the end of the four years were done in total at least 1,000 units. Those who were not able to fill the request, the re-open the term in 2018.

Dave Pericak, director of global Ford Performance, said, “we can’t build suficientemes Ford GT for all who requested it, we’re going to produce more vehicles in an effort to meet to the ambassadors more faithful Ford”. The sporty with V6 engine 3.5 liter in a central position with more than 600 CV has a prohibitive price. Cost more than $ 400,000 (about 350,000 euros).

Source – Ford