The Ford Ka+ is already strolling around the Spanish roads, its launch is imminent

Ford Ka+ - foto espía lateral

The new Ford Ka+ is already circulating on Spanish roads.

So, the arrival in the concessionaires of Spanish of the new Ford Ka+ is imminent, and a proof of that are these spy photos that we show exclusively on And is that we’ve managed to photograph a test unit driven on the roads of Spain. At the beginning of the month of June of this year, Ford gave us to get to know your new utility with bodywork of five doors.

although in his time it was not something really new because the small Ka+ was already in other markets, Ford decided to bring it back to the old continent with a unique premise. Offer an alternative low-priced but high-quality for those people who are looking for a car size that is restrained but that is very practical for day-to-day. And that is where comes into play the new Ford Ka+.

Up to date we had with the Ford Fiesta, but the arrival on the market of the new generation (of which already we have shown you numerous spy photos) it comes to ratify that Ford will look away in the name of “cheap car” which has had until today. Therefore, the new Fiesta will be a car that will improve its finishes, equipment and numerous aspects to move up a notch in exclusivity.

Ford Ka+ - foto espía posterior

the arrival of The Ford Ka+ dealers Spanish is imminent.

But, back to this small and easy compact Ford, as we say, its arrival in the concessionaires of Spanish (and the rest of Europe) is imminent. When landing in our market, what are we going to find? Because the truth is that initially you will have a range very concise, but enough for the potential customer who is interested in this model.

For the moment, the new Ford Ka+ will be available next to two levels of finish: Essential and Ultimate. In addition, the standard equipment of all the units will be quite complete already that we should highlight items such as power windows front and power mirrors, central lock, remote security system with six airbags, Electronic Stability Control with hill Start assist, Speed Limiter and Ford Easy Fuel.

What the (mechanical? If we take a look under the hood of a unit, we will see a veteran but consecrated propellant gas, a engine Duratec 1.2-litre available in the 70 HP and 80 HP respectively. Said motor in either of its two versions will be associated to a box of manual change of five speeds.

Ford Ka+ - foto espía posterior

the trunk of The Ford Ka+ cubic a capacity of 270 litres, more than enough for the day-to-day.

In the absence of knowing all the prices, Ford already confirmed to us
at the time that the new Ka+ will be sold in Spain with a starting price of 9.900 € . A
price at which, once restemos all the discounts and promotions that will be
available, you will be in a figure very appetizing.