The Ford Mondeo 2017 wanders through Detroit with a renewed appearance

Is a constant of the sector of the current automobile, the renewal. Each time it passes less time between the launch of a model and its subsequent renewal, and that is something that soon we will witness in the Ford Mondeo 2017, the renewal of the saloon that just takes a year in the Spanish market.


All the changes are applied to the front

The images are taken in Detroit, headquarters of Ford. In them we see two camouflaged units of the Fusion/Mondeo, different to the unit that we had discovered a few months ago. If we go by the camouflage of the units we can guess what will be the changes in the restyling.

First I must say that none of the changes will be especially eye-catching, or at least that is the conclusion we draw from looking at the images. It acknowledges a new grille, a front lower, new headlights LED, and a bumper modified. Otherwise everything stays exactly the same.

these aesthetic touches front will add up to date technology. It is expected that the Ford Mondeo make act of presence with the new computer connectivity to Ford, the SYNC 3. This will allow a better connection between the car and the smartphone, as well as the downloading of applications, streaming music and many more possibilities.


The rear remains the same, though the headlamps have the LED technology

Where no changes are expected is in the paragraph mechanical. Ford will continue betting on small engines, low fuel consumption and maximum efficiency. To Europe will arrive with the name Ecoboost. However we also know that they are working on the development of a Ford Mondeo ST, the version more sporty with a power of between 300 and 325 HP.