The Ford Mustang GT you already have empowerment for Europe: the Steeda around q500

coach Steeda has added the Ford Mustang GT in your list of preparations for the european market. His work has received the name of Steeda around q500 and enter the updates that you receive are the remapping of the engine, an air intake and a larger exhaust system custom. Thanks to all these changes, the V8 engine of 5.0 liters goes from 421 HP to 480 HP. A significant increase taking into account that they have not wanted to resort to overfeeding, so you don’t lose your essence of the engine’s maximum torque of a large displacement.

This extra performance is accompanied by a series of changes in the chassis and the suspension settings to improve the performance of the Mustang GT. After passing by the workshop of the preparer, the Steeda around q500 equipped with stabilizer bars, adjustable thickness increased for both axes and an adjustable suspension lower and with a tare firmer. According to officials of Steeda, the result is a Mustang GT with a step by curve faster without having to sacrifice practicality or comfort.

What a difference the Steeda around q500 Mustang GT

In terms of the design, the Steeda around q500 includes a series of modifications subtle, which according to the trainer only intended to “strengthen” their “iconic lines”. In the front you can see a spoiller larger, but that does not stop being a detail quite discreet. In the rear, the spoiler extra intended to increase downforce at high speeds, on the train back, but neither can be said to be an element especially oversized.

In regards to the wheels, the work of Steeda nor is it done to call too much the attention. The colour chosen for the large 20-inch wheels that takes this preparation is matte black. Yes, in terms of performance here again to leave a mark, because the tires it takes are a few Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, which is a alternative to pay on track. To get an idea of the sporty approach of these wheels, are the same that carries the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso 2016 or the Mercedes E63 AMG 2017.

Price of the Steeda around q500

Transform a Mustang GT in a Steeda around q500 costs 8.998 pounds in Great Britain (10.124 euros at current exchange). But if this is not enough, this preparation is allowed to add the other components as the manual gearbox six-speed Tremec Magnum XL, the clutch improved two-disk, the axes of transmission of aluminium, ventilated discs of the greater size to the brakes, and various finishes of paint for the calipers. The next step that will give Steeda is the preparation of the Ford Mustang 2018, which will reach the end of this year.

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