The Ford Mustang is not very well stand the tests of EuroNCAP

Ford Mustang EuroNCAP

We have been several days talking about the restyling that Ford has prepared for the Mustang and how it has become its new range of mechanics to the united States and the world. I also mentioned how the current model left behind your old platform to move to a suspension with a multi-link for of step to reduce weight. With it, the pony car has seen improved its dynamic qualities as well as comfort on the road. However, as has been proven EuroNCAP the safety, of the model pre-restyling, has not been improved.

The independent body, commissioned to test the safety of the vehicles that are sold in Europe, has decided to to refer to the Ford Mustang to their crash test. This is the first time that the model passes through this type of security testing since they do not be a model of high volume EuroNCAP does not usually have very in account to assess its performance. After them, the brand was expected that the note obtained outside good, but the result that has reached has not been.

According to EuroNCAP the muscle car of Ford has only received two stars of the five that could be obtained. The scores obtained are the following: occupant protection of adults, 72 percent; occupant protection child a 32 percent; protection to pedestrians in case of collision, a 64 per cent; and to finish on wizards and driving aids, has obtained a 16 percent (does not incorporate wizard of braking autonomous emergency).

EuroNCAP has been reported that this score is due to the front airbags are inflated with a pressure below what it would have been desirable. For this reason, the head of the dummies touched the steering wheel and the surface of the dashboard not having adequate protection for a frontal impact. In addition, seat belts were not able to adequately protect the chest of the dummies making that their final score would decrease.

in the light of the scores the brand has been reported that these gaps in security will be remedied when the restyling of the Mustang hits the market. To finish I must say that from the past year 2008, any brand of court generalist has achieved the score of a Mustang in a crash test. To see if in the upcoming crash tests, the model manages to pass with a good note.

Source – EuroNCAP