The Ford Mustang is the more tab petrolhead Monopoly Empire

Ford Mustang Monopoly Empire

Tab of the Ford Mustang on the box Ford Monopoly Empire.

Monopoly Empire is the latest version of the legendary board game. Rather than compete for the best streets of the city, the dynamics of this latest edition of the Monopoly game is done with the best brands in the world. Yahoo, Skype, Heinz, Virgin, Puma, XBOX, CAT, or Levis are just some of the brands that we can buy. Now, in addition, you may go shopping for the board with a Ford Mustang.

Sure that all the petrolheads we chose in the traditional versions of Monopoly for the Formula 1 old that I had as a tab, instead of the thimble, the hat, the iron or the wheelbarrow. Now the sporty sold in the united States, with more than 50 years old, it will be the vehicle that allows us to build our business empire in the board game Monopoly Empire.

Ford Mustang Monopoly Empireother pieces that take a leisurely stroll around the board Monopoly Empire to accompany the pony car american are no less curious. A controller of the XBOX, a shoe Puma, a Wilson tennis racket, an excavator, CAT, and nothing less than a Transformer it will be very difficult to our beloved Ford Mustang.

The dynamics of Monopoly Empire is very similar to the traditional game. The players will battle it out to be becoming with the brands, by placing the logos of the same in a few towers. The player who falls on the box of any other contender, you will need to pay a rent. There are still traditional elements, like the jail, or the cards out of the Box and Luck. The first to fill the tower of logos will be the winner of the game. Unlike other games of Monopoly, in the version Empire has searched for a faster game.

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