The Ford Mustang is the sports coupe sold in the world (141.868 units in 2015)

what Is the Ford Mustang coupe sports more sold of the world? It seems to be. Announced Ford, 2015 were delivered 141.868 units of the new Ford Mustang, including a coupe, or a Fastback, and convertible version, or Convertible. The new Ford Mustang is experiencing an unprecedented success in Europe and, of course, in the united States, his home, and the rest of the world. The news adds to the already os we set out a few days ago to learn that the Ford Mustang has also been the sports most sold in Germany, at least in march. See test of the Ford Mustang.

In a single month, as march, the Ford Mustang sold 12.563 units in the united States.

while it is true that the united States remains the main market for the Ford Mustang, which covers the vast majority of their worldwide sales, and where only in the last month, in march, were sold 12.563 units, Europe begins to be also an important market for the pony of Detroit.

To date, in Europe have been closed more than 16,000 bookings for the new Ford Mustang, which have already been delivered to 4,700 units. In the United Kingdom have already been reserved more than 3,500 units, of which we have delivered 1,000, a figure not insignificant if we consider that the launch occurred on the straight end of 2015. Germany sold 780 units of the Mustang in march, most of them with V8 engines. And in France have already been sold 339 units in the year 2016.


In China prefer with engines Ecoboost, and in Australia with V8 engines.

The Ford Mustang also triumphs in Asia. In Australia it was sold out, all production allocated to the country until 2017, which is why Ford increased the quota in the other 2,000 units. And while our antipodes prefer with V8 engine (chosen by 90% of customers in Australia and New Zealand), in China are opting for the Ecoboost engine (more information about the Ford Mustang four-cylinder).

More figures. Although at the start of 2015 had not yet begun sales of the Ford Mustang in many markets, that were introducing this model progressively, Ford sold a total of 141.868 units. The cast, of course, benefits the coupe, the Fastback. In any case, the figures for the convertible are also very interesting.

In 2015 is confirmed to be sold to 110,000 units of the Ford Mustang Fastback and more than 30,000 units of the Ford Mustang Convertible. How far will the new pony Ford?

Source: Ford
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