The Ford Mustang remains the sports most sold in Spain

Ford Mustangdon’t need to be any expert in the matter to know that the Ford Mustang is one of the vehicles most well-known and iconic around the world. A car is a very passionate and, in addition, his appearances in plenty of american movies have made him recognizable in every corner of the planet.

This generation, launched last year has been the first marketed in the old continent, and it is that during the fifty years previous, who wanted a Ford Mustang should export it. Ford has brought to Europe with an affordable price for the type of car that it is, and this, along with the history that included the word “Mustang”, has made the acceptance in the market is good.

Ford MustangThe american model keeps como sales leader in Spain within the segment of sports, and not just in the past month, but in the first nine months of the year. In addition, it is surprising that since its first month in Europe, back in July of 2015, has been each and every one of the months the leader of the segment. As a point, in the Asia Pacific have also reached a series of units that have had a great reception in the market.

And not only the Ford Mustang is getting a great results within the american company blue oval. The range of Ford Performance, the models of high-performance of Ford, virtually have doubled from one year to another in Europe, delivering from January until August 2016 nothing less than 31.000 units, a 98 per cent more than in the same period of 2015. At the global level, the company expects to deliver more than 200,000 units of Ford Performance, including the Ford Mustang, Focus RS, Focus ST and Fiesta ST.

“The commitment of Ford with the leadership in the segment performance continues. Ford is on track to deliver 12 new vehicles in the high performance promised by the end of the decade,” declares Dave Pericak, director of Ford’s global Performance.