The Ford Ranger gets handsome for the Hall of Detroit, a new restyling to the view

it Is customary that the marks to teach the leg before surprising. This happens in many sectors, not only in the automotive. Ford has continued the tradition and has revealed official pictures of the restyling of their pick-up more american, Ford Ranger. So looks like before you come in within a few days at the Detroit Auto show.

This new remodeling will be accompanied by the presentation of the Ford Edge ST, a more powerful variant than the standard. Without a doubt, the brand of the oval teach you at home a large parade of horses loose to compete against its rivals, which don’t lose step and also updated, as is the case of the Mitsubishi L200.

To the naked eye, Ford just redesigned some details on the exterior that will serve the smartest to differentiate it with the previous model. Among these new settings, highlight new headlights, a grill thinner and the name Ranger, which now occupies the whole of the behind.

In the interior, incorporates the renovated multimedia system Ford SYNC 3, that in addition to removing all the amalgam of buttons that incorporated the previous version, you will now that the Ford Ranger have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, something that will be attractive to some potential clients for the pick up american. In addition, it now features a new audio system B&O.

With respect to the mechanical, will be available in both front-wheel drive as total, adding the possibility of having a rear differential-mail. It also incorporates the package FX4 Off-Road, which includes the Terrain Management System, with which the user can choose between four driving modes depending on the type of terrain that circle, normal, snow, mud or sand. Thanks to this package, and the new Trail Control, which will allow the Ford Ranger speeding up or slowing down on steep slopes, the americans extend the skills of the pick up off the roads.

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