The Ford Transit Custom is set to the day with an update of half of life

Ford put the day of the Transit Custom, with an update of half of life including exterior improvements, in addition to an allocation for improved and lower fuel consumption of its diesel engines.

Lfter updating to the Tourneo Custom, now he has touched the turn to get an update to the Ford Transit Custom, the version focused on the job that also receives several aesthetic improvements and in the provision.

To the renewed Transit Custom is recognised by their front updated premiered a few new beacons main front grill of large dimensions and a new format to the bumper. The lag has also been the subject of review, although here the changes were less important, since you only updated the housings of the drivers rear. In addition to premiering new shades exterior and wheels of new design.

The interior is updated with a center console that now includes a infotainment system with touch screen floating up to eight inches, an instrumentation renewed, as well as a new steering wheel, new door panels and new compartments for storing objects are distributed in the passenger compartment.

In terms of the endowment, the new Transit Custom 2018 premiered a series of assists the driving, which include recognition of traffic signals, detection of objects in blind spot, warning of involuntary change of lane, sensor backward, alert pre-collision with pedestrian detection, system of emergency braking etc

The offer of engines includes the diesel EcoBlue versions of 105, 130 or 170 HP of power, which Inclán improvements in fuel consumption and a maximum torque higher. The version of 105 hp with system start&stop and tyres with a low rolling resistance offers a consumption of 5.7 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 148g/km.