The former director of the BBC said that it was a mistake to fire Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson Top Geareveryone knows the saga of the past year Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC. The popular presenter ended up being fired from the british network due to its aggression against the producer Oisin Tymon. Now comes to the fore Mark Thompson, who was director general of the BBC has made some interesting statements on the subject. According to the exdirectivo was a big mistake escape to Clarkson.

Although this is not to say that Thompson, now executive director of the New York Times, adopt the attitude of the presenter. First described by Clarkson as “an individual deeply objectionable, and I say this as a friend”. But it also acknowledges that someone is “spicy, transgressive, with a talent out of control that the BBC could not afford to lose”. Although it finally did and things were not very well.

Logo The Grand Tour

Meanwhile Jeremy Clarkson goes ahead with its new program, The Grand Tour

After the departure of Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC with its inseparable James May and Richard Hammond, Top Gear followed up with a entirely new computer. The new season had many ups and downs, and was marked by a decline in hearing and some arguments between the new presenters. Finally the new main presenter, Chris Evans, left the program, leaving Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and company.

in the meantime things seem to do rather better in the trio calavera. His new program, The Grand Tour will be released this fall and the expectations are high. It has already been rolling around in some locations such as Johannesburg (south Africa) and is now being moved to southern California (united States). Remember that the new program, Amazon Prime will have three seasons of 12 episodes, each of which will not have a set fixed.

Source – The Times