The former president of Ferrari defends Fernando Alonso


Photo: Ferrari

The indirect have blown up this season, in both directions, between Alonso and Ferrari. The last to speak was the current president of the Scuderia, Sergio Marchionne, which compared to the spaniard with his successor: “Vettel the day that he arrived it was already more ferrarista that Alonso in five years”, he said. In defense of the pilot has gone out who has occupied the position of Marchionne, Luca di Montezemolo, president of the Cavallino for 23 years (which coincided with the champion). In his words in the awards ‘Caschi d’oro’ (Helmets of gold) Autosprint, he shows a certain feeling of guilt: “it Would have been more ferrarista if in 2010 we did win the world cup. This year it was much easier to lose than to win, but when you lose two times in three years, a title in the last race…”. Statements that contrast with the tone, less kind, with which he explained months ago why Alonso left.

In any case, the relationship between pilot and Ferrari ended, and came Vettel, who also spoke Montezemolo: “Has shown a great capacity of work for the team, no doubt. It seems to Me a man is fundamental to the growth of the car and to keep team together. With facts, and not just the words, is able, like Michael Schumacher, do you understand that we win together and you lose together”. Ferrari has regained ground this season, but there is still a way to dominate the Formula 1. According to Montezemolo, to 2016 will depend more on the progress of their rivals and of themselves: “The team has conditions to look forward with optimism, but you have to see the performance leap that makes Mercedes. Recently I was with Lauda and told me that they will not remain to wait”.

The Italian analysed the health of the highest category: “Your problem is that there are only two teams. When Mercedes had problems, only Ferrari was able to win. There should be several competitive teams. It is also important to the government, because there are many things to follow although the regulations are a priority. But I don’t want to say more, because I don’t want to create controversy,”. Nor is it wet on the thrusters current: “In the past someone thought that it was a mistake to accept the hybrid engines. Ferrari could not say no to a development that represents the future ecological and technological of the car. It is a delicate issue, how to provide the small teams…I have already talked enough”.

Montezemolo enjoys the big prizes, but with another attitude: “I’m still racing with a lot of passion but with less pressure and fear. My wife has noticed: before, during the race weekends, I could not speak until the Sunday night. Today is going better”. And Ferrari, what misses? “the women and the men. There was a song by Gino Paoli, who said that love stories do not end ever. Unfortunately it was not so”.