The Formula 1, 2021: Noisy, cheap and fast

During the press conference of Friday at Spa-Francorchamps, which was attended by Christian Horner, Eric Boullier, Claire Williams, Monisha Kalterborn, Frederic Vasseur and Bob Fernley, addressed the subject of what to expect when the regulation enters into force in the coming year expire at the end of 2020.

The general consensus was to give continuity to the kind of motor current -as well as the regulations concerning the chassis- to reduce the costs and also the differences between the participating teams, the natural way. There was only one desire: that the motors are more noisy.

Christian Horner (Boss of Red Bull team)

It’s simple: engines are cheap, noisy, and fast. I think that is
what we have now, obviously abandoning them altogether would be
irresponsible, there has been a research and a development tremendous
with these engines, but I think the cost is a element
significant, particularly for teams that are paying
by them”.

“I Think we are adapting to the issue of the chassis as the year that
comes, making the car more aggressive and fast, one of the
items that are losing Formula 1 is the sound and is a
a key aspect that needs to be addressed
. But there’s probably not that
going far away from the current architecture”.

Eric Boullier (Sports Director of McLaren)

“I Think that if you are looking to contain the cost and reduce the difference of
performance, the regulations should be extended beyond 2020.
Part of the show is to improve the sound or better quality sound of the
engines, so that is something that we need to deal with technically,
but clearly, if you have stability in the regulations, the
convergence of performance will come faster and the costs

Claire Williams (team Chief deputy Williams)

From the point of view of a stand-alone computer, extend the
regulation beyond 2020, and to stabilize it will help us

inevitably, and if we want to find our own partner biker
after 2020, when our relationship with Mercedes ends,
it will be very important. Obviously, I think that an element hybrid in the
current engine is part of the structure that we should keep
. I think
that is an important message that the Formula 1 can send”.

Frederic Vasseur (Head of the team Renault)

If you change the rules so drastically, you increase the costs
because you have to develop and investigate, in addition to increasing the
distance between all over the world
. But I think that we need to keep the
current and to adapt some points because it has a lot of sense not to change
the regulations drastically”.

Monisha Kalterborn (Head of the team Sauber)

make sure to take into account the interests of the
manufacturers because they want to introduce certain technologies. As well
I think that it is important to start talking now
, because we have seen
in the past engines cancelled during the night, while
introducing different concepts. We really need a lot of time
to agree on something sensible and not to be back in the situation of
you have to decide in six months”.

Bob Fernley (deputy team Leader of Force India)

“we Need something at a competitive price, which meets the objective to
sound level and I think we’re fooling ourselves
if we believe that the independent teams we have something to say in
these matters
. At the end of the day, it is the manufacturers who decide to
so who is going to do”.