The Formula 1 could come to Las Vegas with a night race

Las VegasAt the beginning of September there was a news that will change the future of the “Great Circus”, the Formula 1. The maximum competition of motorsport passed to the hands of the company Liberty Media to buy the 19 % of Delta Topco. After disbursing about 1,500 million euros, Liberty Media became the owner of the Formula 1, giving the position of president Chase Carey.

One of the main objectives of the new owner of the “Great Circus” is to increase the attractiveness of the competition for the fans and, obviously, generate some greater income figures. it Seems that a Grand Prix in Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada, united States, could help to increase both the attractiveness for the spectators as the economic income for the company. But Las Vegas is a special site and make use of it to make something really eye-catching.

Las VegasIn this way, it does not seem so far-fetched (knowing minimally the championship) the idea that there is held a Grand Prix during the night. I was not going to be the first Grand Prix to be run with the light of the moon and thousands of sources of great power, illuminating a path by which the cars travel more than 300 km/h. Even more taking into account the recent statements by the CEO of Liberty Media, Greg Maffei, at a conference in Barcelona: “I especially like the idea of a night race in Las Vegas”.

Bernie Ecclestone, which since the acquisition of the part of the shareholders on the part of Liberty Media remained as executive chair, has held some discussions with senior officials of Las Vegas about this possible Grand Prize in the city of the game and the lights, but, according to reports, the negotiations have not progressed too, of time.

on the other hand Greg Maffei also spoke about the extensive competition calendar and the possible extension of the same with this new Grand Prix, and is that maybe 21 races are too many. “There is a general line of interest if you increase the number of races up to a point. The FIA earns more money, the teams earn more money, we earn more money; but the new ones that come have to pay more,” said Maffei.

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