The Formula 1 will cease to be what it is, it is Formula 1 without pilots

Roborace frontal Formula 1, in recent years, has gone from being a competition in which the role fell in the hands of the pilots to become a media circus in which only care about the viewership data of every Grand Prix. This coupled with the constant changes in the regulations is making the premier class of motorsport run a serious risk of abandoning their essence to become something very different.

If these constant changes in the regulations of Formula 1 will join the driving autonomous we may be on the brink of the apocalypse car. The set of technologies that makes driving autonomous are putting test in cars very similar to those of the Formula E. The Formula E will serve as a showcase to test the driving autonomous cars, opening the possibility to expand to the rest of motorsport.

Roborace Roborace, as has been baptized into the careers of autonomous cars, has presented the public his first prototype, the DevBot. In this way, Roborace will become opening of the Formula E this same year. This seems to us quite logical, since both cars are moving through the energy of its batteries, and therefore are very much related.

The mechanics of the competition is very simple. Before the start of each ePrix (name given to the tests that form part of this competition) will be carried out by the careers of the autonomous cars. This new competition will be very interesting, as it will allow each participating team develop your own artificial intelligence by applying directly to their knowledge. The only common element in all of the cars self-employed the hardware, item that will enable to standardize the mechanical parts of the cars in all teams.

The making long before the public’s prototype DevBot will be held this weekend at the british circuit of Donington Park. In this circuit, the teams participating in the Formula E are doing the pre-test to the first test of the season. It will take place the October 9 in Hong Kong.

Source – Roborace – Daniel Simon