The Formula 1 youngest: of Fangio and Farina to Verstappen and Stroll


the grid of The Formula 1 has been rejuvenating step-by-step with the passage of years. For Giuseppe Farina or the very Juan Manuel Fangio, it would be unthinkable that his victories in the Grand Prix of Germany in the ’53 and ’57 respectively, both achieved with 46 years of age, were overtaken by a young lad of only 18 years old.

What I would say even the Italian Luigi Fagioli, the winner of the Grand Prix of France in 1951, age 53 years practically recently turned. The technology in the highest category of motorsport, to this day, has greatly evolved from the simple wheel without buttons that only served to turn, the ailerons that are not lifted on the straight to encourage overtaking and the helmets so rudimentary that were used in the beginning.

This article assumes a brief look at the statistics of F1 from the point of view of the youth, the earliness with which, year after year, pilots have been achieving milestones in sports at an increasingly early age.

world Titles


In Formula 1, recent, are three pilots of the grill current that are part of this top five so characteristic.

Fernando Alonso he won his first world title ago twelve years, surpassing the legendary Emerson Fittipaldi for more than a year. Both broke the record of precocity established until then, next to Clark in ’63 and the other two protagonists of this story.

however, just three seasons later, Lewis Hamilton savored the glory with the team that gave him the opportunity to debut in Formula 1, in his second year in the great circus. What is certain is that he was about to do so at its premiere in 2007, but eventually ended up tied on points (109) with the Spanish after a season full of controversy, we would end up with Kimi Räikkönen as the champion with one more point (110) and with Alonso coming to red diamond.

Would be two years until this mark to post a record again, to prevail until our own day. The pilot of Heppenheim led to Red Bull to the most high for the first time since you saw the light as a team in 2005, thus constituting the golden era of the austrians. Sebastian Vettel improved what had been done by the british for more than half a year, conquering the F1 in its fifth intento.

Piloto Año Team / Car Age
1. Sebastian VETTEL 2010 RED BULL RACING Renault / RB6 23a 04m 11d
2. Lewis HAMILTON 2008 MCLAREN Mercedes / MP4-23 23a 09m 26d
3. Fernando ALONSO 2005 RENAULT / R25 24a 01m 27d
4. Emerson FITTIPALDI 1972 LOTUS Ford Cosworth / 72D 25a 08m 29d
5. Michael SCHUMACHER 1994 BENETTON Ford Cosworth / B194 25a 10m 10d

First victory


The record of the victory-take -for now – the Dutch which many personalities of the paddock considered ‘the new Senna’.

In his first race with the team of the energy drink, which militates in these moments, Max Verstappen took the victory in race after starting fourth on the grid. In this section, you can appreciate one of the biggest differences between the first and the second classified, that the #33 managed to get on the top step of the podium with a whopping 18 years in the Grand Prix of Spain.

on the other hand, highlights the fourth Troy Ruttman in Indianapolis 1952. The us only played that test ‘World Championship of speed’ that we know today as the ‘Formula 1’, and took the victory.

Pilot GP, (year) Team / Monoplaza Edad
1. Max VERSTAPPEN GP Spain (2016) RED BULL RACING Tag Heuer / RB12 18a 07m 15d
2. Sebastian VETTEL GP Italy (2008) TORO ROSSO-Ferrari / STR3 21a 02m 11d
3. Fernando ALONSO GP Hungary (2003) RENAULT / R23B 22a 00m 26d
4. Troy RUTTMAN Indianapolis (1952) J. c. AGAJANIAN Offenhauser / KUZMA Indy Roadster 22a 02m 19d
5. Bruce MCLAREN GP USA (1959) COOPER Climax / T51 22a 03m 12d

Pole position


The German Ferrari returns to the top of the table, thanks to a Large Prize that helped him to get the first pole position, the first victory and the first podium both for him personally and for Toro Rosso. The Faenza continue to enjoy these achievements of Vettel as the only ones in its history, as since then, no rider of the team has been able to match them.

Fernando Alonso is the only one of the top five of this list along to him that he stepped into in order to enjoy the best starting position for Sunday 21 years old, as both Barrichello as Hamilton could not be the fastest on a Saturday of classification until the 22.

Andrea de Cesaris premaneció in Formula 1 for fifteen seasons, exactly from 1980 to 1994. His best position at the end of a campaign was the eighth in 1983, and this is the only pole reaped. Unfortunately, he died in a motorcycle accident in Rome when he was 55 años.

Piloto GP Team / Monoplaza Edad
1. Sebastian VETTEL GP Italy (2008) TORO ROSSO-Ferrari / STR3 21a 02m 11d
2. Fernando ALONSO GP Malaysia (2003) RENAULT / R23B 21a 07m 23d
3. Rubens BARRICHELLO GP Belgium (1994) JORDAN Hart / 194 22a 03m 05d
4. Lewis HAMILTON GP Canada (2007) MCLAREN Mercedes / MP4-22 22a 05m 03d
5. Andrea DE CESARIS GP USA West (1982) ALFA ROMEO / 182 22a 10m 04d

fastest Lap


the penultimate round of The calendar from last year crowned Max Verstappen as the youngest pilot in the history of Formula 1 in done with the fastest lap in a circuit. The two men Mercedes dominated the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max established a new mark with 19 years and ended up in the third drawer of the podium.

Precisely the winner of the last season, is the one who follows him to the table, but there is a difference of more than a year and a half. Nico Rosberg came into F1 for Williams, and marked the fastest lap on the first occasion of which provided little more than a tenth faster than Michael Schumacher.

The curious fact comes with Bruce McLaren: the founder of one of the teams most legendary of the category tied with Stirling Moss with a time of 1:57.0. Well it is true that Moss got the time on lap 69, while Bruce made a few laps later, in the 75, but statistically counted as the first of his career.

Pilot GP, (year) Team / Monoplaza Edad
1. Max VERSTAPPEN GP Brazil (2016) RED BULL RACING Tag Heuer / RB12 19a 01m 14d
2. Nico ROSBERG GP Bahrain (2006) WILLIAMS Cosworth / FW28 20a 08m 13d
3. Esteban GUTIERREZ GP Spain (2013) SAUBER Ferrari / C32 21a 09m 07d
4. Fernando ALONSO GP Canada (2003) RENAULT / R23 21a 10m 17d
5. Bruce MCLAREN GP Great Britain (1959) COOPER Climax / T51 21a 10m 18d

First points


The ousted Malaysian Grand Prix conceded the first six points in the career of Max Verstappen after crossing the finish line in seventh position, just ahead of his team mate Carlos Sainz.

The Russian Daniil Kvyat, his predecessor at Red Bull, made his debut with points in the race which inaugurated the calendar of 2014. The nose is so characteristic that had the STR9 saw the checkered flag after completing 57 laps of the path australian in the ninth square.

finally, one of the three Spanish that made up the grid for the 2010 season, along with Pedro Martínez de la Rosa and Fernando Alonso, complete this table. Jaime Alguersuari, a pilot from the academy of young talents of the team, scored on its Grand Prize number eleven in Formula 1.

Pilot GP, (year) Team / Car Age
1. Max VERSTAPPEN GP Malaysia (2015) TORO ROSSO Renault / STR10 17a 05m 29d
2. Lance STROLL GP Canada (2017) WILLIAMS Mercedes / FW40 18a 07m 13d
3. Daniil KVYAT GP Australia (2014) TORO ROSSO Renault / STR9 19a 10m 18d
4. Sebastian VETTEL GP USA (2007) BMW SAUBER BMW / F1.07 19a 11m 14d
5. Jaime ALGUERSUARI GP Malaysia (2010) TORO ROSSO-Ferrari / STR5 20a 00m 12d



The last Grand Prix of Azerbaijan was the first podium of your life to Lance Stroll. Even though only for twelve days of difference with respect to Max Verstappen, the canadian rider placed in second position in this list. Despite the fact that he shot second for several laps, Valtteri Bottas will beat a few meters from the finish line, did that finally end up third.

it Was a crazy race in which Kevin Magnussen also highlighted at the end of seventh position with your Haas. The pilot Danish closes the table with a record marking the last year that McLaren was attended with engines from Mercedes -at least to date – in which his teammate Jenson Button was behind him.

Pilot GP, (year) Team / Monoplaza Edad
1. Max VERSTAPPEN GP Spain (2016) RED BULL RACING Tag Heuer / RB12 18a 07m 15d
2. Lance STROLL GP Azerbaijan (2017) WILLIAMS Mercedes / FW40 18a 07m 27d
3. Sebastian VETTEL GP Italy (2008) TORO ROSSO-Ferrari / STR3 21a 02m 11d
4. Daniil KVYAT GP Hungary (2015) RED BULL RACING Renault / RB11 21a 03m 00d
5. Kevin MAGNUSSEN GP Australia (2014) MCLAREN Mercedes / MP4-29 21a 05m 11d

Lead a career


finally, comes the record of precocity by commanding a race for at least a few moments. Verstappen and Vettel become the first two drivers in a table, where the Red Bull is ahead of Ferrari for quite a few months. It should be noted that Sebastien Buemi led the Grand Prix of Canada in only one round (14), which needed only to be placed third behind the two of them.

however, the more note noteworthy puts Robert Kubica: debut season with BMW Sauber, the Polish got to captain the grill between the loops 18 and 22. After rank seventh in the qualifying session, got to reach the final spot on the podium Sunday, accompanying Kimi Räikkönen and Michael Schumacher. After his accident in the world of the rally, hopes for Robert to return to the Formula 1 were depleted, but the test that you did with Renault has returned to rekindle the flame of competitive spirit that resides in the soul of many identified as a future champion of the world.

Pilot GP, (year) Team / Monoplaza Edad
1. Max VERSTAPPEN GP Spain (2016) RED BULL RACING Tag Heuer / RB12 18a 07m 15d
2. Sebastian VETTEL GP Japan (2007) TORO ROSSO-Ferrari / STR2 20a 02m 27d
3. Sébastien BUEMI GP Canada (2010) TORO ROSSO-Ferrari / STR5 21a 07m 13d
4. Fernando ALONSO GP Malaysia (2003) RENAULT / R23 21a 07m 23d
5. Robert KUBICA GP Italy (2006) BMW SAUBER BMW / F1.06 21a 09m 03d