The Formula And test a front wing futuristic


The Formula E is testing a new front wing profile futuristic face at his arrival to the cars of the competition power in the ‘Season Three’. Following the image shown in the first prototypes of the Roborace Car, cars without crew led by an AI artificial and accompanied by the Formula And in their ePrix, this new spoiler, it breaks with the design seen in any category of cars. In this aspect, the use of a wing of these characteristics represents a break with the image ‘traditional’ which had the front wings used during the first two years of the green category.

This spoiler has been tested during a test held at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Italy on one of the cars of Renault and.Dams, formation that has won the title for teams in the season 2015-16 in the Formula E. This wing model has been revealed thanks to a broadcast by Snapchat of the Formula itself E. A visual level we are talking about a spoiler biplane that binds to the morro in its profile below the nose and on its higher plane to the own side of the own nose of the car.

despite its futuristic image, it seems that this front wing is not any benefit in aerodynamic in relation to the wings used to date, something that is not a big problem due to the downforce required for a single-seater Formula E is minimal due to the type of circuit in which they compete and the rates ‘discrete’ reach. Even so, the spoiler keeps the fairing from the front wheel but it does so with a design much more robustor and solid that parts used to date, and that on many occasions they parted at the slightest contact.