The Formula E and the drama of the syrian refugees


The promoter of the Formula, And had chosen the Airport of Tempelhof as a stage of the second ePrix of Berlin. After the success of the first event on the airport runway, closed to the public in October 2008, the category is about to play his second race in this scenario, located on the outskirts of the German capital. However, it will not be so. Two of the hangars are being used to house syrian refugees. Around 800 people fleeing the syrian conflict are hosted in Tempelhof and it is likely that the number of people can rise markedly in the near future.

The Formula E looks for a new scenario in Germany and although the first option is to keep the test in Berlin, it is complicated that the streets of the capital will stagnate to host a round of the championship of cars to electric. For this reason, are drawn to new possibilities. Norisring and Munich opositan to host this ePrix, although the former is the more chances you have to host the test within six months. The street circuit located in Nuremberg has formed part of the calendar of the DTM almost by decree, and has also hosted trials of the Formula 3 in the past 30 years.

the great advantage of The circuit of
Norisring is that it is an established circuit
and with a great history, as you can
be Monaco or Long Beach. The path is currently used by the DTM and the
categories support that accompany it, but it has an availability of very high. To
spite of this, Alejandro Agag would prefer a test in the streets of one of the
large cities in the country. Germany is a market vital, so that it will look for
the best possible solution. Meanwhile, the ePrix of Lugano (Switzerland) wins whole for
the season 2016-17 and the ePrix of London is in doubt.