The Formula E wants an ePrix of New York


The Formula E is an asset increasingly important. The category of single-seaters-electric FIA appreciates in value, and its CEO, Alejandro Agag, looking for new scenarios. With a double round in London and premiering the ePrix of Paris this same year, the responsible Spanish has set its sights on another iconic city. Formula E wants an ePrix of New York ahead of the season 2016-17, the third of the short life of this discipline. So much so that the Agag has confirmed that actively works to make the ‘big apple’ you can see the cars electrical.

My dream is to run in New York. I am actively working on a plan to be able to compete there. Maybe we can put this race at the end of the third season. It’s going to be difficult, but it is not entirely impossible that we get this run-up to the third season. It is in an early stage, but we have to start making decisions because we have a line-up” explains Alejandro Agag in statements to ‘Autosport’. It should be remembered that the category is intended to grow from the current 10 races per season to the 12 tests in the campaign 2016-17.

that is why, in addition to a possible inclusion of an ePrix of New York, Alejandro Agag and his co-workers have other proposals on the table. Canada, Australia and Switzerland have sounded like possible options, although it has gained more strength is the inclusion of a race in any country in the Middle East around the months of December or January. The arrival of several of these countries could do to fall to Punta del Este, a test that is not placed in a key market like China with the ePrix in Beijing. That does not mean that this career is secure or you may lose even your role appointment opening.