The Formula E “you should use” the entire path of Monaco


S├ębastien Buemi and Lucas di Grassi were two of the big players of the second ePrix of Monaco. The swiss got the pole and victory, while the brazilian, he was escorted in both cases. Perhaps for this reason, are two of the drivers authorized to state that the Formula E “you should use” the track of the Formula 1 in Monaco instead of using a short variant that after turning right in Santa Devota ends with a hairpin at the chicane exit the tunnel, bypassing the area of the Casino, Mirabeau and the tunnel.

the Result of the alternation signed with the promoter of the Formula E the ePrix Monaco will not be in the calendar of the season 2017-18. Therefore, Buemi and Di Grassi hope that you will be able to use the full circuit if the path of monaco back in season 2018-19. In this aspect, and in statements to ‘Autosport’, S├ębastien Buemi said: it Is very important to use the track of Formula 1. Definitely, shows the development of the technology that we use. I think that would be a great thing, for the championship. it would Also be much better for pilots. There is actually a great incentive in ensuring that if we are to be in the complete circuit”.

Buemi and Di Grassi have explained that the current Formula And are fully prepared to compete in the entire path, even if it means climbing the steep ramp between Santa Devota and Massenet. A step that would involve the first direct comparison between Formula 1 and Formula E, something that has tried to avoid the contest, to the extent possible. However, Buemi and Di Grassi believe that comparing the two categories is not a problem, the entire time that the public understands that electric mobility is today an increasingly important part, and complementary to, the motorsport.