The four bikers of the F1 have been already started their new creations


First it was Mercedes on February 2 and the next day when Toro Rosso released a video in which the Renault engine came to life for the first time. Ferrari did day 10, and Honda has completed the baptism of their new thruster unit on the 14th of February.

In this way, all the riders of the category can be given by initiated the last phase of development of their respective creations for this season. While Mercedes continues to be the benchmark to beat and bet a further year for continuity a concept that has proven to be almost perfect, the rest of the competitors has investigated different ways of attempting to neutralize the disadvantage.

Renault and Honda have opted for completely new concepts and innovative, so that none of them expected a full performance from the start of the season. In the case of the French, the objective is to hunt down Mercedes in 2018 and, in japanese terms, the intention is to reach the performance of the engine of 2016 of the germans, with a particular focus on the power gain of the combustion engine.

Ferrari, for its part, is investigating with new techniques that improve the performance and reliability of the current concept, including the 3D printing of the pistons of steel, instead of aluminum traditional. With this they hope to gain flexibility in the designs and durability.

Only the clock and the points championship will dictate sentence, but the campaign of 2017 promises to be the most competitive in terms of engines refers grace to the continuity of regulation in this aspect and the deletion of development control through a token system.