The four new developments that will make Android Self something really interesting

Prueba Android Auto HomeAndroid Auto is the bet of Google to conquer the multimedia equipment of the cars. This system that we already did a full test, is a rival of Apple CarPlay, a system with the same approach and very similar in all of its functions. At the conference Google I/O yesterday, the Mountain View unveiled some of the upcoming developments that will introduce Android Auto.

There are a number of new developments that are planned throughout 2016, as the possibility of using Android Auto directly in the cell, the improvement options on the voice control of Google Now or the wireless connectivity. The natural evolution of Android Auto, which will allow full integration with the car is Android N Auto, a system that has shown as a prototype but that still does not have date of arrival in the market.

Connectivity without cables

Opel Astra Android Auto CarPlay

Of time is essential the USB cable

This year, it will also be possible utilize Android Auto without cables in the car. By the time it is essential to connect the terminal to the car using a USB cable, which at the same time that it transfers data, charges the battery. With the new functionality wireless of Android Auto, we can free of cables, since the connectivity is made available with the multimedia equipment through Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth does not have the same capacity to transmit data, so that Google has opted for the Wi-Fi.

To be able to benefit from Android Auto without cables will be imperative for the computer’s multimedia drive is compatible with the Wi-Fi. The margin of comfort that accounts for this connection, which may be 100% automatic, without even taking out the mobile from the pocket, the problem will be in the large consumption of resources of Android Auto and in the durability of the batteries. For this reason, many users will continue to be seen forced to use the traditional USB cable, except for those who have a wireless charger in the car, something that is picking up popularity.

Ok Google to activate Google Now

Google Now en Android Auto

Google Now listening to orders

One of the best tricks of Android Auto is your voice control, Google Now. This system works infinitely better than the native that incorporate manufacturers in their cars. It is difficult to fail, and we used to enter navigation destinations, order calls, respond to messages or WhatsApp or ask for weather information, among many other things. The “problem” is that until Google pull the next update of Android Auto, to enable Google Now, it is necessary to press the microphone icon on the screen or in its place, the key of the voice control from the multifunction steering wheel.

With the update, suffice to say “Ok Google” in a loud voice, so that as in the smartphone, Google Now is set to listen to and we can give you orders. This function will be available in any vehicle, since the activation of Google Now by using the famous voice command will be through the mobile, and not the hardware of the vehicle. Apple CarPlay account from the beginning with this functionality, by using the voice command “Hey Siri”.

Android Auto in the mobile

Hyundai Sonata Android AutoOne of the novelties this 2016 will be the possibility of having Android Auto in our own smartphone. Up to now for the implementation of Android Auto have any utility, it was necessary to have a multimedia system, either OEM or aftermarket, able to work with Android Auto.

When the application to be updated, simply download it for free from the Play Store and put it to work in our mobile. If we place the terminal on a suction cup and paste it to the windshield I Already have Android Auto in the car! Regardless of the years that you have our car. The mobile will function the same as Android Auto, with all of its functionalities adapted to the driving.

What is more interesting, in addition, will count with a multimedia computer with a Bluetooth in the car, in this way, through this connection or an AUX cable, the sound of the smartphone to be played through the speakers of the car, dramatically improving the quality of the sound.

Android N Auto

android-auto-n-1But the most interesting development presented at the Google I/O and we still don’t know when it will come is Android N Auto, the evolution of the system of Google. This is a new system that is fully integrated into the software of the vehicle, showing the information of our smartphone through Android Auto, along with the information of the car. Google has presented on a Maserati Ghibli equipped with a 15″ touch screen and 4K resolution developed by Qualcomm along with the thinking brain of the system.

Android N Auto will be able to show information in the boxes of digital watches, being particularly useful the functionality to check the navigation, which can probably be extended to the increasingly popular Head-Up Display. This integration of Android Auto N will provide more attention to driving and maximise the performance of the multimedia system of Google.

Android Auto NIn the center screen will display a drop-down at the bottom, from where you control all the options conference, to do without, at least in this Ghibli, all the buttons on the dashboard. The conventional radio will be integrated in the sources of reproduction, along with music apps or audio streaming. The interface developed by Google is generic, and similar to that of smartphones, although it is likely that the manufacturers adopt Android Auto N on the production cars design their very own appearance of the system.