The free trade agreement between the European Union and Japan can be a reality in a few days


Production of the Toyota Mirai in Japan

Japan is the second largest trading partner asian most important of the European Union after China. To the end of the year could be ready for the signature of a treaty of free trade that benefits both japan and the European Union. The negotiation process started three years ago, specifically in April 2013.

the intentions of The next tenant of the White House, Donald Trump, to withdraw from the trade agreement, trans-pacific, has stimulated the Government of Japan to strengthen ties with its european partner. The next president of the united States is not a friend of free trade agreements under the argument of reducing the wealth of their country.

Several high-ranking officials of the Government of Japan have commented to Reuters that the prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is confident that the signing can be done this year. The japanese want the European Union to lower import tariffs on vehicles, auto parts and electronic devices, among others.


Volkswagen Golf Variant for the japanese market

To change, the European Union wants to facilitate things to european entrepreneurs for doing business in Japan (and vice versa), as well as the reduction of tariffs on food products such as pasta, cheese, wine and products derived from swine (pig, go). The part that interests us is obviously the vehicle.

today most of the vehicles that the japanese brands sold in europe are produced in Europe or in the “backyard”, Turkey. In the years 80-90 began to produce models of massive sale and low profit to avoid both tariffs and import quotas.

as a Result of this policy began to appear the factories the United Kingdom, France, Spain… In our country, Nissan began manufacture in Barcelona and Suzuki in Linares. Models like Nissan Micra, Toyota Carina, Honda Civic… they began to exit en masse of the plants that these manufacturers were gaining market shares.


The Administration of Donald Trump wants to revise or abandon the commercial treaties with a few countries of the environment

on the european side, there is also optimism about an agreement. In September he traveled to Tokyo a delegation among which was the vice-president of the European Commission, Jyrki Katainen, who is also waiting for a signed agreement before year. Both Shinzo Abe as the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, are in agreement on that goal.

In fact, the EU is much closer to sign this agreement which ratify the treaty trans-atlantic with the united States, the famous TTIP, that Donal Trump is not the work of subscribing, not to mention the social rejection that produces this possible agreement. Meanwhile, Uk begins to negotiate the terms of its break with the EU, known as the “Brexit”.

The european sector also wants Japan to facilitate the export of european models to their country, for which it is necessary to reduce some non-tariff barriers, issues of approval and others. little by Little the japanese market is opening up to the arrival of models as the Volkswagen Golf or the BMW 3 Series, to cite two examples.


Subaru WRX STI

As the majority of japanese models on european soil are manufactured in the EU, the changes are not going to notice a huge extent. Models like the Toyota GT 86, Nissan 370Z and Subaru WRX STI can experience any discounts, as well as any model that relies on electronics imported from the country of the rising sun.

The fact that the united States will not sign the TTIP has a smaller impact, because it exports a small share of american cars to the old continent, partially self-sufficient, which imports more from Asia and a lot of distance from Africa (such as the Dacia Dokker and Lodgy).

¿And to our industries can benefit? Very few cars spaniards go to Japan, for example the brand SEAT does not exist on those lands, although there are plants such as Palencia, spain (Renault) or Villaverde (Citroën) yes send a car to Japan to have the exclusive world of some models. With a treaty of free trade could notice a small increase in exports.