The front of the Bugatti Chiron could have been as well

Bugatti Chiron posible diseño Bugatti Chiron saw the light in the past Hall Geneva, and is without doubt one of the releases of the year. One of the aspects that most caught our attention was its sharp design, that kept the essence of the Veyron, but totally modernized. Although that front that we have already accustomed with the optics formed by eight square LED, could not have been as well. During the development phase it is proposed that some designs for the supercar.

The image that we have of headboard is a front-end alternative that could have gone to Chiron. It is the work of Sasha Selipanov, one of the designers of the VAG Group. Your project is positioned at the head and began to form part of Bugatti full-time. Finally the front ended up changing, but the side seems to keep these original lines. It seems that aerodynamics was the key factor that motivated the modifications.

Bugatti Chiron GoodwoodTo improve in this aspect, in the Bugatti Chiron is wanted to remove the mirrors and to replace them by cameras. The current legislation does not allow it (except in Japan), therefore we can still see the conventional in the supercar. In the interior is sought lightness and luxury. There is not a single plastic, in its place, highlight the carbon fiber, aluminum and other materials to the height.

One of the most surprising aspects of the Bugatti Chiron is your engine W16 of 8.0 liters and four turbos. Develops a power of 1.500 CV and 1,600 Nm of torque and could make it into the production vehicle faster. The attempt to beat this speed record is expected to be during the 2018. The place would be the circuit in Ehra-Lessien, with dimensions larger than 20 km, with a huge straight 9 miles.

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